WYVE, Lauréat du Concours "Stars et Métiers" dans la Catégorie Innovation - Wyve la planche de surf du futur

WYVE, Winner of the “Stars et Métiers” Competition in the Innovation Category

We are happy to share incredible news with you. WYVE, the company that Léo and I founded three years ago, was recently honored as a winner in the "Innovation" category during the "Stars et Métiers" competition, supported by Banque Populaire (BPACA). This victory is all the more significant for us as it highlights our commitment to combining craftsmanship and innovation.

An Introduction to WYVE

When we established WYVE in 2020, our goal was clear and ambitious: to rethink surfboard manufacturing to make them more efficient and durable. We quickly realized the revolutionary potential of 3D printing technology for our industry. With passion and determination, we have launched this innovative project .

The “Stars and Trades” Competition: Celebrating the Alliance of Craftsmanship and Innovation

The “Stars et Métiers” competition highlights artisanal businesses and entrepreneurs who stand out for their excellence, innovation and sustainability. It highlights companies that have unique know-how, whether in construction, jewelry, bodywork or product manufacturing. This victory fills us with pride, because it demonstrates that craftsmanship and innovation are not in opposition, but can reinforce each other.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at WYVE. Our use of 3D printing to create custom surfboards has revolutionized the surfing experience. Thanks to that technology , we design lightweight, durable, eco-designed boards adapted to each surfer, while respecting the craftsmanship that has brought us this far.

“We would like to thank our incredible team, dedicated to innovation and excellence, as well as Banque Populaire (BPACA) for its support of innovative companies. This victory strengthens our determination to push the boundaries of innovation in the surfing world."

Discover WYVE in Video

To learn more about our history, our passion and the technology behind our unique surfboards, watch our overview video:

The Future of WYVE

This victory in the “Stars et Métiers” competition marks the start of a new era for WYVE. We are more determined than ever to continue our journey of innovation and to continue pushing the boundaries. Big projects are on the horizon, which we can't wait to share with you.

Thank you for being part of our community and supporting us on this extraordinary adventure. Our success reinforces our conviction that the combination of craftsmanship and innovation is not only possible, but can also be the key to progress. Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come.

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