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      Shortboards are designed for the experienced surfer who is looking for maneuverable and radical boards in big waves (minimum 1 meter). They are short boards with a pronounced rocker for a committed type of surfing. WYVE has developed a range of shortboards for different surfer morphologies and a wide range of waves.
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      Shortboards are ideal surfboards for advanced surfers looking to maximize maneuverability and top performance in more extreme surf conditions. The flagship models are the Leaf, the Myst and the PO. These 3 boards have been developed with top shapers and our team riders through many iterations.

      These are the boards used in competition. They were widely democratized at the end of the 60's, during the development of foam boards (historically made of wood). Indeed, on this type of board, the density of the material and the weight of the product has a real impact on its performance. They can be surfed with 3 or 4 fins (thrusters).