Hybride - WYVE


      Hybrid surfboards are designed for surfers who are looking for a compromise between maneuverability and stability. They are an alternative to the shortboard and offer a more versatile surfing experience, allowing you to surf in a wide variety of conditions, with a more original style (big curves, surfing on the rail, etc.). They are not necessarily longer than shortboards, but are larger for a given size.

      Our hybrid boards are designed to perform in all surfing conditions, from small soft waves to more powerful waves. They're perfect for intermediate surfers looking to progress, as well as experienced surfers looking for a more unique board in their quiver.

      Hybrid surfboards are a versatile alternative to shortboards. They are designed to offer a combination of stability and maneuverability, allowing surfers to surf in a wide variety of conditions. At WYVE, we've developed a range of hybrid boards for all levels of surfers, from intermediate to expert.

      Among them, we find great classics such as the Fish or more original boards like the speeder. They are surfed in Twin (2 fins) or Thrusters (3 fins). Each board is made with WYVE technology, which maximizes flotation and solidity.

      A hybrid board is a "must-have" for your quiver, either as a main board to progress or as a secondary board to offer you alternative sessions when the waves differ.