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      The WYVE team has co-developed a leash with Back Surf in the Basque Country. These leashes are made in France from recycled and reused materials. They are versatile leashes that work in many conditions. They are comfortable, durable, with a reduced environmental impact.
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      WYVE surf leashes are an essential part of every surfer's life. We have worked closely with Back Surf, a Basque company specializing in leash design, to create a range of high quality leashes. Our leashes are made in France from recycled and reused materials, reducing their environmental impact. In addition to their durability and strength, our leashes are designed to perform in a wide variety of surf conditions. They are comfortable to wear and offer peace of mind to surfers of all levels.

      We are proud to offer a wide variety of leashes to meet the needs of all surfers. Whether you're a beginner or advanced surfer, whether you're surfing small waves or more extreme conditions, we have the perfect leash for you. We're confident you'll find the perfect surfboard leash to accompany you on all your surfing sessions. Trust Wyve to equip your surfboard with a quality and environmentally friendly leash.