Wyve X Cabianca Candy 6'3

The Hybrid Shortboard.

The CANDY is a hybrid shortboard from the Johnny Cabianca range, designed for intermediate to expert surfers.

The board is dedicated to medium to small-sized waves. It has a wider outline at the front for comfortable paddling. The rocker is not too pronounced and the rails are forgiving, allowing for a mix of speed and precision.

  • Technical specifications: 6'3" - 20 3/4 - 2 1/2 - 36 L

Under the feet: a feeling of speed and big carves. The low rocker and volume at the front make it easier to enter the wave.

For whom? Speed enthusiasts and those who enjoy committed turns. Those who push their limits while looking for an easy surf.

Designed for those who want a surfing experience that combines pleasure and sport. Are you one of them?

The key features of the CANDY:

  • Exceptional speed
  • Control
  • Accessible for a shortboard

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    Fins System


    The Candy is the perfect first step toward a more radical surfing experience. It incorporates the DNA of the Medina, combined with all the elements you need to catch many more waves on average beach breaks: a flat rocker, plenty of volume under the chest, and smooth, easy glide for maximum control

    Technical specifications

    Length Width Thickness Volume
    6’3 20 3/4 2 1/2 36