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I wanted to give you some feedback since I surfed the board six times now. It has great float and paddles nicely. The waves have been very small this summer so far but the board seems able to catch the small waves easily, much like a longboard. Once on a wave the board has good glide and seems very smooth with good turning response. I am very pleased with the board.

Michael Sim

Since I started surfing my Wyve board and especially this summer, it has had quite an effect. Not only is it my favorite board that I surf all the time (except when the waves are too small and you have to bring out the minimal one), but it attracts people.

Just yesterday at Fistral, one of Cornwall's great surfing beaches in Newquay, another surfer approached me to ask me for information on my Wyve board!

All the comments I have received have been positive. “Your board is so sick man!

And they are right! Wyve boards are sick

In the meantime I'm surfing my Wyve and having a blast.


Wanted to update you that I've taken my board out three times and it's great! Everything as described. I also dropped it once already (no dings) and I'm 5.5 months pregnant, not a good surfer and still able to catch waves on it - in case you need any anecdotes for marketin

Thank you!! And I already have a friend interested in buying the same board =P

Cheers, Erica

Long Beach, CA

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