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5 Reason to buy a Wyve Surfboard

Ready to take the next step? Discover the Wyve Surfboards!

It's time to change your board and you're still hesitant to abandon your board from Fire***** or Chan*** Isl*** for one of our boards from Wyve ?

You've reached a turning point in your surfing journey, one where you're considering upgrading to a surfboard that offers much more than just a riding experience . How about pushing the limits of your performance while preserving our planet? At Wyve , we have the answer.

Join our community of passionate riders and discover why our revolutionary surfboards are so much more than just boards. Let’s dive into the surfing of the future!

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Technological Innovation at the Heart of Wyve

At Wyve , we are proud of our heritage of technological innovation, forged over three years of intense research and development. Our commitment to excellence has been crowned with success with the development of patented 4D Core technology , which forms the heart of our surfboards.

In 2019, our dedication to research and innovation was officially recognized when Wyve won the prestigious EuroSIMA Innovation Award . This award reflects our pioneering position in the European surfing industry and our contribution to the constant improvement of the surfing experience. At that time, our project was called Hexa Surfboard.

One of the most revolutionary advancements we have made to the surf industry is the use of 3D printing in the manufacturing of our boards . This cutting-edge technology allows us to build our boards around a 3D printed honeycomb structure. This innovative method gives our boards exceptional strength and resistance , differentiating them from traditional PU boards.

Concretely, 3D printing allows us to create a unique internal structure, strong and light, while using bio-sourced and recycled materials . This combination of durability and lightweight results in Wyve boards that are both stronger and better performing, while minimizing their environmental impact.

4DCore Surfboard 3D printing

The result :

1: Superior performance

A surfboard worthy of its name must excel in a variety of conditions and live up to riders' expectations. Wyve boards have long been recognized for their exceptional performance. Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced surfer, our boards are carefully designed to offer you an unrivaled riding experience. We've made sure to incorporate flex characteristics similar to traditional PU boards, as well as EPS core boards. The use of 3D printing technology allows us to precisely control the forces acting on the board by varying the size, shape and arrangement of the cells.

It should be noted that Wyve boards have become the preferred choice of professional athletes around the world. Each of our shapes is carefully crafted taking into account factors such as shape, weight and flexibility, ensuring that you can exploit your full potential , enjoy every session, and dominate every wave you choose to ride!

Performance surfboarding

2: Strength and Durability: 4D Core Technology at the Heart of Wyve

If the idea of ​​having to replace your surfboard every six months due to dents or damage is not at all appealing, then Wyve boards are the solution you've been waiting for! Not only will they do good for your wallet, but also for the planet.

The strength and durability of our Wyve boards are undeniable, thanks to our revolutionary 4D Core technology and the use of premium materials.

Our Wyve surfboards are the result of three years of intensive research and development , and they feature patented 4D Core technology . This revolutionary technology pushes the boundaries of surfboard manufacturing by using 3D printing to create an internal honeycomb structure. This structure is lightweight and incredibly strong.

The major advantage of the strength of our boards lies in the way in which this honeycomb structure distributes forces and tensions over the entire board, thus considerably reducing the risk of dents, cracks or damage. breaks. Even after many surf sessions, your Wyve board will retain its structural integrity , providing exceptional durability.

Additionally, we use high-quality materials, such as fiberglass and bio-based epoxy resin, to further strengthen our boards. This combination of cutting-edge technology and premium materials ensures that your Wyve board will withstand the harshest impacts, scratches and weather conditions, while maintaining its performance over time.

When you choose a Wyve board, you opt for strength and durability , ensuring optimal surfing sessions and exceptional longevity.

How Wyve surfboards are Made

3: Versatile Shapes

At Wyve we understand that every surfer has different preferences, and that's why we offer a diverse range of board models to suit all surf conditions. Each of our models is carefully designed to offer an optimal sliding experience in specific situations. Here are some of our most popular models, along with details on the types of waves or conditions they excel at:


  • The Leaf : Perfect for fast, hollow waves. Its shape and flexibility are ideal for surfers who love a challenge and seek exceptional performance in more demanding surf conditions.

  • The Myst : A versatile shortboard that excels in a variety of conditions. It offers excellent maneuverability and is suitable for surfers looking for high-level performance.

Hybrid shapes

  • The Drop : A hybrid model designed for varied waves. It offers a combination of stability and maneuverability, making it a great choice for surfers who like to explore different conditions.

  • The Speeder : Perfect for surfers looking for speed and responsiveness. This model excels in medium to large waves and offers optimal control.

Twin & Fish

  • The Twin Mid : A fine Twin model that offers fluid and fast gliding, ideal for softer waves. It allows for easy maneuvering and a fun surfing experience.

  • The Twin Pin : A twin fin board with a more elongated design for better stability. It's perfect for surfers looking for a Twin board suitable for a variety of waves.

  • The Fish : A versatile Fish model that excels in softer waves. It offers a smooth glide and excellent buoyancy, ideal for fun in all summer conditions and softer waves.

Mid-lengths (Mini Maibu)

  • The Diamond : A versatile mid-length board that shines in a wide variety of conditions. The Diamond offers an exceptional combination of stability and maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for surfers looking to progress and explore different wave types.

  • The Eggy : A versatile mid-length model that excels in softer waves. It offers great buoyancy and comfortable glide, perfect for relaxing surf sessions.

Each Wyve model is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of surfers , allowing you to choose the one that best suits your surfing style and preferred conditions. Whether you're looking for peak performance, maximum versatility, or a specific riding experience, Wyve has the perfect board for you.

4D Core Wyve technology

4: Eco-designed surfboards

A good surfboard is, above all, a surfboard that lasts . No need to draw a picture or pull out the latest IPCC report.

The problem with the vast majority of PU surfboards is that it takes a lot of oil and energy to make them . The other problem, and not the least, is that at the end of their life, surfboards are not recyclable. So if you want to do something for our planet , think carefully before opening your wallet, because your next board risks ending up in a landfill.

This is the paradox of the surfing world . We are super close to nature, but all of our equipment (wetsuit, surfboard) has a considerable impact.

At Wyve, we are not resigned and we see things differently.

We are proud of our commitment to the environment . By using recyclable bio-sourced materials (60% of the board), Wyve contributes to the preservation of our planet. Our surfboards are designed using an eco-responsible approach to minimize their impact on the environment. According to a study conducted by the environmental analysis firm Think+ , the manufacturing of a WYVE surfboard emits 40% greenhouse gases than a polyurethane board that would be manufactured in France.

Our production model allows us to make surfboards locally, as close as possible to surfing communities.

Wyve Surfboard - Unique Look - Surfboard Decoration

5: A unique look

At Wyve, we believe you don't need a surfboard adorned with fancy logos to shine on the spots. While these boards can be beautiful, our Wyve boards stand out for their unique appearance, made possible by our 4D Core technology which makes them transparent and allows light to pass through.

Our innovative designs and color choices make our boards true works of art. When you surf with a Wyve board, you express your style with originality, and you stand out on the waves while remaining true to yourself.

If you are looking for a surfboard that not only shines on the water, but can also stylishly decorate your living room or office, a Wyve board is a wise choice.

With a Wyve board, you will quickly attract attention at surf spots.

It's also a great way to start conversations and share your passion for surfing with other members of the surfing community. So if you want to stand out in style on the waves and on the beach, choose a Wyve board and let your personality shine.

Our customers talk about it - Reviews

We are excited to share feedback from our customers who have experienced Wyve boards. Their testimonials are a reflection of our commitment to quality, performance and user satisfaction. Here's what they had to say:

"I have surfed with the board six times now and am extremely satisfied. It offers excellent buoyancy and paddles very well. The waves have been very small this summer so far, but the board seems able to catch them easily, a bit like a longboard. Once on the wave, the board glides well and offers precise response to turns. I am very happy with my board."

"Since I've been surfing my Wyve board, especially this summer, it's been a sensation. Not only is it my favorite board that I surf all the time (except when the waves are too small and I have to bring out the minimal), but it attracts everyone's attention. Recently at Fistral, one of Cornwall's great surfing beaches in Newquay, another surfer approached me to ask about my Wyve board! All comments I 'I received were positive. 'Your board is awesome man!' And they're right! Wyve boards are awesome. In the meantime, I'm surfing my Wyve and having a blast."

"I wanted to let you know that I've already taken my board out three times, and it's great! Everything is as described. I've even had a fall with it (without any scratches), and I'm pregnant with 5 .5 months, I'm not an experienced surfer, and yet I managed to catch waves with it. In case you need some anecdotes for marketing. Thanks! I already have a friend interested in the same board =P"

These customer reviews are a source of pride for us and demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of our boards . We are delighted to see that our products satisfy surfers of all levels, including those who are less experienced, and that our Wyve boards are admired on the beaches.

Your trust and positive feedback is our best reward , and we will continue to strive to provide you with the best possible surfing experience with our Wyve boards.

Surfboard made in France


At Wyve, we firmly believe that technological innovation is the key to providing surfers around the world with an unparalleled surfing experience. Our Wyve boards are not just products, they are the result of three years of research, development and commitment to excellence. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology so you can push the limits of your surfing performance.

Wyve surfboards offer much more than just a surfboard. They are the result of our passion for the ocean, our dedication to innovation and our commitment to the environment. These five good reasons make Wyve a wise choice for all surf enthusiasts looking for superior performance, strength, versatility, eco-responsibility and a unique look.

With a Wyve board, you are guaranteed to have an exceptional surfing experience every session.

Get ready to push your limits, stand out on the waves and surf with style and originality.

Will your next wave be on Wyve? Join our community of passionate riders and discover a new dimension of surfing. At Wyve, the future of skiing starts here.


1. Why choose a Wyve surfboard over a traditional PU or epoxy board?

At Wyve, our commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, performance and eco-responsibility makes all the difference. Our boards use patented 4D Core technology and 3D printing to deliver superior performance and exceptional durability, while minimizing their impact on the environment.

2. Are Wyve boards suitable for beginner surfers?

Absolutely ! Wyve offers a diverse range of boards suitable for all surfing levels, including beginners. Our mini malibu type models offer greater buoyancy, making learning and progression easier.

3. How does Wyve contribute to the preservation of the environment?

At Wyve, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment. We use recyclable materials, reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing locally and promote sustainability. Our boards are built to last, reducing the need to constantly produce new boards, which is beneficial for our planet.

4. Where can I get a Wyve surfboard and what models are available?

You can get a Wyve surfboard from our official website or from our resellers. We offer a variety of models, including the Leaf, Fish, P Round, and Diamond, to meet a wide range of surfing preferences. Don't hesitate to explore our catalog to find the board that best suits your needs.

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