Wyve X Cabianca Sherpa 6'8

Sherpa: smooth glide and precise turns for intermediate surfers


Mid-length models are currently in vogue for good reason. These boards are the perfect choice for smooth turns and effortless gliding on long waves, especially on point breaks.

For the Sherpa, Johnny has taken the classic vee bottom and combined it with a double concave at the tail. The vee allows for a smooth transition from rail to rail along the wave, while the double concave creates additional lift and generates speed when needed.

The Sherpa is ideal for surfers who:

  • Enjoy long and mellow waves
  • Want to enhance their rail-to-rail turns
  • Seek a board that is both stable and maneuverable
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Fins System



The Sherpa's V-bottom shape and double concave tail will allow you to surf smoothly from one rail to the next, while the thin, low rails will ensure optimal precision and responsiveness.

Technical specifications

Length Width Thickness Volume
6'8 21 3/4 '' 2 5/8" 42.2