K2 Fiberglass Keel Small

K2 Fiberglass Keel Small


The K2 Fiberglass Keel is a smaller, more refined version of our traditional K1 keel.

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The K2 Keel is made of solid fiberglass offering stability and control at high speeds, while the smaller size offers a high performance feel while maintaining the classic glide and trim of the Keel.


It allows the regulation of the air in your board. Leave it closed and unscrew it only in case you fly with your board or need to repair it.

You can easily repair your board with a standard repair kit. For a bigger fart, any shaper can fix it. If your board has taken on water, it is necessary to drain it via the valve.

Our boards are made from bio-sourced plastic (PLA) and this material is relatively dense. Although the internal structure of our boards is openwork, the density of the material compensates for the weight. At equivalent volume, a Wyve surfboard weighs the same as a conventional board with a PU foam pad.

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