Wyve X Cabianca DFK 2.0

A mix of performance.

The DFK 2.0 is a performance shortboard from Johnn Cabianc 's range developed for three-time world champion Gabriel Medina

A board dedicated to small to medium waves. Agile and fast. Finely designed rails. A balanced outline. A, progressive rocker combined with a single concave throughout the length of the board.

Under your feet : feeling of pure acceleration. Sharp, precise turns. An Absolute drive. Crazy control.

The DFK 2.0 , surgical precision in all circumstances. Pure gliding. A reference. Medina's talent transcribed into fluid curves.

For who ? Lovers of sensations and radical surfers. Those who push their limits. Perfectionists. The DFK 2.0 is aimed at an elite of rider. That of the best. A board built for performance. Without concessions.

Intended for a handful of hand-picked happy few. Are you one of them?

The kes points of the DFK:

  • Exceptional speed
  • Instant acceleration
  • Control
  • Maneuverability
  • Unrivaled performance
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Fins System


DFK 2.0

In 2018, Gabriel Medina won the Freshwater Pro at Kelly Slater 's Surf Ranch on a round tail board: the DFK 2.0

The DFK 2.0 is designed for experienced surfers. With its thin rails and progressive rocker, the DFK 2.0 offers an unprecedented combination of speed , acceleration and control .

Technical specifications

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'11 19 2 2/1 28.9