Pierre-Olivier Coutant

Pierre-Olivier Coutant

Pierre-Olivier Coutant, aka Pierro, is constantly pushing his limits in the water and is famous for having turned his handicap (deaf from birth) into a strength. He is nationally recognized for having won the French champion title in adapted surfing three times, and is known internationally for winning titles in Hawaii and California.

Pierro divides his time between his surf school in the Basque Country, free surfing and competitions, which allows him to progress every day and to transmit his passion. Altruistic and optimistic, he teaches all levels and adapted surfing. Adventurer and adrenaline seeker, he has the art of surpassing himself in big conditions in winter. Pierro recently joined the Wyve team as a team rider because he shares the values of respecting the planet and surpassing himself.

Here is an interview to find out more about him.

Hi Pierro, how are you? Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi team, I'm doing great! Even more at the idea of surfing future Wyve boards!
My name is Pierre-Olivier, you can call me Pierro, I'm 33 years old, I'm deaf from birth and I have my own surf school in the Basque country: Pierro Surf School.

‍In front ofWyve's micro factory

How long have you been surfing?

I've been surfing since I was 10 years old, I've been surfing for 24 years, I grew up in Reunion Island and that's where I discovered surfing.

What is your competition record ?

I am 3 times French champion in adapted surfing and I won several international titles: Champion duke contest in Hawaii, Champion US Open adoptive Huntington Beach and Oceanside in California.

What was the first time you tested a Wyve board and what were your first feelings?

The first board I tested felt very comfortable to paddle, it's light and floats a lot. My first bottom surprised me with its recovery! It's very stiff and it keeps a good recovery! When you have the board under your arm you might think that it doesn't absorb chop but it does its job very well!

What is your favorite model and your dimensions ?

My favorite model is the Hexa Drop, I surf a little bit of everything as long as the board has a good volume say between 6'0 and 6'4 for a volume around 37L.

What is your next surf trip ?

The next surf trip is Morocco and then Portugal. Morocco is a great first for me, I can't wait to discover these long straights ! Concerning Portugal, as usual, I'm going back to Peniche.

‍What doessurfing bring you on a daily basis?

Surfing allows me to disconnect from everyday life and share waves with friends. I also like to surf solo in winter when it's big, I push my limits a little bit, just to get a little adrenaline!

What do you do besides surfing ?

Besides surfing I'm currently working on the vegetable garden. I'm inspired by what my dad does at home and I look for tips on the internet. I also like video games but you shouldn't say that ;)

What is the wave you would like to surf the most in the world ?

My dream wave is Saint Leu, but without sharks ! Otherwise I would love to surf in Nias in Indonesia, a good hollow right."

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