Lionel Lourenço

Lionel Lourenço

Lionel Lourenço, originally from Charente-Maritime, lives from his passion for surfing. A former junior pro competitor, he is now involved in freesurfing and equipment development. Lionel first created a surf school and then a surf shop in Royan to become a sports educator BP JEPS surf for 5 years.

Sharing Wyve's innovative and environmental values, Lionel recently joined the team as a team rider. He has the will to make our boards evolve to continuously improve their performance.

Aquashooting by Tony Voison

‍Here is an interview to find out more about him.

Hi Lionel, how are you doing? Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi team, I'm good, form. My name is Lionel Luis Lourenço, I'm from Charente-Maritime, in Royan, and I have Portuguese origins. I grew up in Royan where I discovered the joys of the ocean. When I grew up, I went down to the south to do a sport study surfing. Then, as an adult, I worked a lot in the surfing and environmental field. My first job was to educate children in schools about recycling waste and its lifespan in the natural environment.

In the meantime, I created my own surf shop and a surf school. I have worked in both clubs and private schools. I have coached recreational and competitive surfers while managing different teams in surf camps on the Atlantic coast.

For the last 5 years, I've been a BPJEPS surfing instructor: I train people who are passionate about surfing to become the surf instructors of tomorrow.

How long have you been surfing?

I've been surfing for more than 25 years. As the son of a mother with a phobia of water and a father with a disability, surfing was not in the cards. One day, my uncle came from Paris with a bodyboard, he offered me to try it and I stood on the bodyboard and slid on the foam. The guy from the surf shop in front of the beach told me to try a real board and it was a revelation! I've never stopped since that day.

What is your competition record ?

I have been competing for more than 10 years. I won several titles of champion of Charente Maritime, I made some rounds on the France and on junior pro but I never made big performances. I'm more into freesurfing and surf trips, not to mention developing my equipment.

What was the first time you tested a Wyve board and what were your first feelings?

I discovered Wyve boards last winter, which was a big coincidence. When I was younger, I was lucky enough to be sponsored by a surfboard brand that is based in the Charente region of France. For 15 years, I was testing all their prototypes to improve their equipment and it became a passion for me. Little by little, I got interested in other brands to see what was being done elsewhere. And it's this winter when I discovered Wyve boards thanks to the aesthetics that caught my attention. I was immediately hooked on the innovative side of the company, and also on its environmental values. Working with Wyve allows me to help develop boards that are not produced with non-recyclable foam blocks or produced on the other side of the world...

What is your favorite model and size?

The HEXA Leaf. It's still the beginning of our collaboration, so we'll work together on a model that looks a bit more like me. But for the moment, the perf board is the best.

What is your next surf trip ?

I'm still thinking about it, my daughter surfs a lot and I would like to share the waves with her. So I'd rather go to a warm water spot, a Panama with few people in the water.

What does surfing bring to you on a daily basis?

A feeling of freedom. It's what allows me to put food on my plate while doing what I love. Surfing gives me a perfect balance in my life. ‍

What do you do besides surfing?

I travel in the winter to follow the sun with my wife. We play golf, paddle... Plus, I have two little surfers that take up a lot of my time.

What is the wave you would like to surf the most in the world ?

I've surfed all over the world but for the moment the wave that gives me the most fun is a secret spot near my home in Charente-Maritime."

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