A scientific approach


OUR GOAL : get the most out of each wave

In the development of 4DCore technology, we have identified the two main parameters to take the most out of your surfing session, regardless of the level: optimized flexibility and paddling ease.

Optimal Flexibility

Thanks to the 4DCore structure, the density of the hexagons is variable over the entire length of the board . The flexibility is therefore adapted for each model, depending on the waves surfed.


Thanks to the hollow and less dense structure at the nose, buoyancy is increased under the shoulders to simplify paddling.
You save your energy for the waves.

Our engagements

The board of the future must necessarily have a reduced environmental impact. In our development approach, we have chosen to see eco-design not as a constraint but, on the contrary, as a challenge and an opportunity to innovate to create better products. This is why this issue has been present from day one!

Here's where we are:

70% bio-sourced materials in the board. The entire heart of the board is made from a bio-plastic from sugar cane. The resin used is 50% bio-sourced. This allows us to benefit from the Gold Standard label from Sustainable Surf.

According to a study conducted by the Think+ and Notox agency, a Wyve board emits 40% less greenhouse gases during its manufacturing compared to a traditional polyurethane board of the same dimensions.

Durability : We build our boards to maximize strength and make them repairable with a drain system.

The micro-factory production system is designed for local manufacturing which creates local jobs, does not relocate our impact and reduces transport.
Come visit our first micro-factory in Anglet (64)!