Wyve Twin Pin


One of our most popular shapes, the Twin Pin was developed with our Breton surfer friends.

This board is ideal for intermediate to expert surfers who evolve in open-faced wave conditions. Its "very pronounced vee" on the back makes it perfect for surfing on the rail, offering a unique surfing style.

The Twin Pin is designed for those who like to challenge point break waves, with great stability and ability to generate speed in the most demanding situations.

If you're looking for a board that will allow you to explore new horizons in surfing, Wyve's Twin Pin is the perfect choice.

Built with 4D Core technology this board combines all of Wyve's expertise, the result a solid and high-performance board.

Board weight: 3.1 Kg

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Fins system
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Developed for unique curves

The Twin Pin was designed to be surfed on the rail with a very pronounced vee on the backside. Flat at the nose and then concave to vee, the Twin Pin is a less stable board if surfed flat. Surfable in relatively hollow conditions, up to a small 2m.

Technical specifications

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’10 19 3/8 2 9/16 31L