Wyve Leaf

Shortboard performance

This is the historic model from Wyve. The Leaf is our reference design for high-level testing of our R&D programs. No compromises on performance and durability with the Leaf.

Available in 5'11", with its 28.5L, the Leaf is designed to perform in hollow and fast waves, where speed and control are key elements of performance. The Leaf will allow you to chain radical maneuvers.

Built with 4D Core, this board is made to last!

Board weight: 2.8kg

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Drift system
Fabrication à la commande : Livraison sous 90 jours
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Thinking for performance

This is the model that has seen the most iterations to date. It is designed for good to pro surfers for waves ranging from 1m to 2m50. With its high entry rocker and moderate lift, the Leaf was designed for good hollow waves. Its single to double concave and pinched rails make it a good everyday performance board. It provides speed in the fast hollow sections but will be more difficult to ride in the soft sections. The Leaf has a relatively high beam for a shortboard, which allows for easy paddling and a narrow back third for maneuverability.

Technical specifications

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’11 19 2 3/8 28.5L