Wyve la marque de surf Française à l'honneur dans le média brut. Des planches de surf écologique imprimées en 3D

Wyve in the spotlight in BRUT Media

Wyve in the Spotlight in BRUT Media: Innovation in Surfboard Manufacturing

French surf brand Wyve has just received some well-deserved media attention. BRUT , the engaged media, recently published a video 🎥 highlighting our revolutionary approach to surfboard manufacturing, notably through the use of 3D printing and our 4D Core technology.🏄🏻‍♂️

This captivating video goes behind the scenes of our manufacturing process in Anglet , from 3D design to the careful finishing of each board. It perfectly illustrates our commitment to innovation and customization, offering each surfer a unique riding experience .

To celebrate this recognition, we are pleased to offer an exceptional 10% reduction on the first 50 board orders placed on our site (before November 5, 2023). Simply use promo code WYVEBRUT10 during checkout to get this exclusive discount.

Wyve continues to push the boundaries of surfboard manufacturing, using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Our commitment to sustainability and our passion for the ocean is reflected in every board we create.

How to choose a surfboard

👉🏻 How to choose a surfboard and build the perfect quiver 👌🏻

Join the community of surfers who choose innovation, quality and performance with Wyve . Discover our range of custom surfboards and take advantage of this limited time offer to get a unique board, manufactured according to your preferences and with respect for the environment.

👉🏻 If you're still hesitant, here are 5 good reasons to surf a Wyve board 🏄🏻‍♂️

Visit the Wyve website now to find out more and to place your order. Be one of the first to experience the Wyve revolution in the world of surfing.

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