Quel leash choisir pour ma planche de surf ?

Which leash should I choose for my surfboard?

Many of you have asked us for surf accessories in addition to Wyve boards! And since a leash is an essential accessory for surfing, we chose to collaborate with a brand that shares our values: Back Surf!

Here is an article about our new Back Surf leash to stay well attached to your new Wyve board!

What is the particularity of a Back Surf leash?

Back Surf rethinks the manufacturing process of leashes in short circuit. It is a French brand that manufactures locally efficient products without sacrificing the environment. It takes into account the lifespan of its products through recycling and repair of its own accessories!

What is the Back Surf leash made from?

The Back Surf leash is made in France from several recycled components.

The Ankle Strap is divided into two parts:

  • The inner part of the leash is made of neoprene from the recycling of old surfing suits.
  • The outer part of the leash is made of a sublimated polyester fabric.

The whole is then structured with a recycled nylon strap.

What size leash should I choose?

We offer two different sizes of leash: 6' or 7'.

For a board measuring 6'3 or less, we recommend a 6' leash while for all boards from 6'4 to 7' we recommend a 7' leash. It is always better to have a leash that is a little too big than too small, for safety reasons!

The 6' leash comes in two different thicknesses:

  • We recommend a 6 mm diameter leash for waves of 1m and less (especially for competition)
  • We recommend a 7 mm diameter cord for bigger waves.

The 7' leash exists in a single thickness of 7 mm.

Which leash model should I choose?

We offer two leash models: Comp and Regular.

Comp model : It is a light leash and ideal in small conditions (up to 1m).

Regular model: versatile, ideal in many conditions (up to 2m). It is a comfortable and resistant leash.

Which leash design to choose?

There is something for everyone, from the sober design to the most zany!

To conclude, the key parameters to choose are the length of the cord and its thickness according to your board and the waves you surf. As you can see, all models are made of recycled materials and manufactured in France. If you adopt it, you won't want to take it off. Have a good surf !

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