Local Surfer Raves About Wyve's Game-Changing 3D Printed Surfboards

Local Surfer Raves About Wyve's Game-Changing 3D Printed Surfboards

We sat down with Erik Ringelberg, an avid surfer and Wyve board ambassador, to learn more about his experience riding 3D printed surfboards. As someone immersed in the surf culture of the Netherlands, Erik provides unique insights into how Wyve's innovative approach is being received. In this exclusive interview, he discusses discovering Wyve, testing out their distinct board designs, and the reactions from his local surf community. Erik also shares his thoughts on the future of sustainable surfboard technology and advice for those considering a Wyve purchase.

Surfer Erik, mid-turn on a wave riding his Wyve twin fin surfboard


1. How did you first discover Wyve and what appealed to you about the brand?

During a surf trip to Nicaragua, I met Leo, a former Wyve employee, and we connected over our shared passion for surfing. Leo introduced me to Wyve boards, showcasing the one he had, and mentioned he worked for the brand. Soon after, I think my Instagram algorithm was hacked haha. My Instagram feed was flooded with Wyve content, and I took it as a sign to order one.

2. What has your experience been like surfing on Wyve's 3D printed boards? How do they compare to traditional boards?

Opting for the Wyve Fish, a twin fin, was a departure from my usual high-performance shortboards. Upon receiving it, I was immediately struck by its aesthetic appeal, especially when illuminated. The board's surprisingly light weight enhanced the overall experience. Riding the board, I noticed a significant boost in speed in smaller waves – it felt like effortlessly gliding over the water.

3. What reactions have you received from the local surf community when introducing Wyve boards?

Unpacking my Wyve board with my girlfriend, she was so impressed that she wanted to claim it for herself haha. Taking it to my surf school, the surf teachers were intrigued by its unique design. While surfing, I've received numerous comments about the board's style and inquiries about its construction. It's a surfer magnet, everyone talks to you!

4. How has Wyve enabled you to take your surfing to the next level?

Wyve pushed me out of my comfort zone with the twin fin design. Despite the change, I can still surf it like a high-performance shortboard, allowing me to take on waves of all sizes with ease. It’s so playful, I love it.

5. What are the main advantages you highlight about 3D printing technology applied to surfboards?

The precision of 3D printing technology significantly reduces the risk of errors compared to traditional shaping methods. This accuracy is a game-changer in terms of board design and performance.

6. How does Wyve fit into the evolving landscape of sustainable surfing?

Over the past two decades, surfboard aesthetics have evolved, but their environmental impact hasn't. Wyve is at the forefront of eco-responsible surfboards that don't compromise on high performance, marking a positive shift in sustainable surfing.

7. Do you have any exciting projects or collaborations coming up with Wyve?

Currently, my focus is on surfing Wyve boards in the North Sea and providing valuable feedback to the shapers. I'm eager to explore more of their designs and perhaps collaborate on a special North Sea surfboard in the future.

8. What advice would you give to surfers considering a Wyve board for the first time?

This is your sign! Get a Wyve board. If you have any questions or need information, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram.


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Close up side view of a 3D printed Wyve surfboard showing its sleek curves and base texture

Wrapping Up:

Erik's passion for the Wyve brand and its 3D printed boards shines through.

He makes clear how the precision printing allows for high-performance designs alongside aesthetic appeal. For Erik, Wyve represents the future of surfing - maintaining the sport's connection to nature while minimizing environmental impact.

His advice is simple: test out one of these game-changing boards for yourself.

As more surfers discover Wyve, they continue leading the way in fusing innovation and sustainability. We appreciate Erik taking the time to share his experiences, as it provides valuable affirmation that Wyve truly has something special to offer the global surf community.

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