Des sessions de surf pour tester une nouvelle technologie : des planches imprimées en 3D !

Surfing sessions to test a new technology: 3D printed boards!

Since May, Team Wyve has been visiting many West Coast spots to offer local surfers the opportunity to test their boards. These weekends are the result of numerous meetings and over 150 individual testing sessions. The learning is done on the field by taking into account the feelings and technical feedback of high level surfers via evaluation grids. The feedback is matched with laboratory measurements to continuously improve board performance. The goal is simple: to make the boards that best meet your expectations.

What is the Wyve Test Tour?

For now, the Wyve Test Tour is:
150 testers, 4 destinations
, and this is just the beginning! A dozen destinations are planned for the summer.

Whether it's the HEXA Leaf, the HEXA Fish, the HEXA Diamond or the HEXA Twin, about fifteen different shapes will be under the feet of many surfers! Each session is done in partnership with a local surfshop partner that allows its community to test the boards of the future.

Which surfshops are we collaborating with on this test tour?

The Wyve Test Tour is organized in collaboration with our partner surf shops. Indeed, recently, We are present in several Hotspots of the Atlantic coast:

These test sessions are organized in order to inaugurate the presence of Wyve in its new surf shops! It's a big step forward for the company to have physical touch points on the coast. Now you can see them, touch them and surf them right next door.

So far, we've been to 4 destinations with beautiful communities; Mimizan, Soulac, Royan and Plouharnel! Adding Seignosse, where we had riders test the boards at the After School Contest, Europe's biggest student surfing competition.

Here are some of their testimonials:

Maxime - Hexa Leaf 5'11

Sincerely amazed and surprised by the responsiveness and grip of Wyves boards, with the added bonus of a crazy design thanks to their transparency! Glad I got to test the future of surfing, great job!!!

Briac - Hexa Speeder

Used to boards a little longer, the hexa speeder is really the board I was missing: small, fast and super maneuverable. The feeling on the water is really cool with a very nice look. It will be perfect for my next Breton sessions!

Malik - Hexa Drop

The board is super fun in single! Due to its size, volume and the fact that I'm light, it needs power to get it going. It's very maneuverable even with a single end and it's very forgiving on flat wave faces! And the duck is easy to do with!

What are the next destinations on the Wyve Test Tour?

More destinations for future test sessions are coming very soon during the summer, including a European-wide surf shop: the Boardriders de Ericeira in Portugal on July 9. This continues on August 18th with an opening night at Boardriders de St-Jean-de-Luz and on August 20th for a test session in the region. We will keep you informed of the dates for the Boardriders of Capbreton.

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