Mid length

The P-Round is the useful weapon halfway between the mid-length and the hybrid shortboard.

Board weight: 3.7 kg

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Drift system
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Your all-round board

Recently developed due to numerous requests from our surfers, the P-Round is one of the must have boards for summer waves. The P-Round is designed for intermediate surfers who want to try shorter boards without going for a performance shortboard. Its entry rocker allows these surfers to engage in the deeper waves, while keeping the ride stable and easy in the softer sections. Its medium to boxy rails make it easy to ride and will forgive (almost) any rail mistake. In the feet of a good surfer, the rail dropping to the tail and the vee behind the centerboard make it an easy and fun summer wave board.

Technical specifications

Length Width Thickness Volume
6'6 20 1/2 2 9/16 38L